MR Uttam singh ( Holiday Destination - South America )
Our Group took the Antarctica Cruise from February 13 to 27.  All the Shore excursions and excursion prior to boarding the ship and after disembarking were arranged by Lushescapes.  The Guides, Transports, selection of Hotels/Attractions and the Meals were par excellence.  For me and my wife it was one of the best arranged holidays we have had.
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MR Puneet Rastogi ( Holiday Destination - Seychelles )
Dear Abhishek, We had a very good time in Seychelles and thanks to you for the arrangements.You have made the trip memorable.And because of that I would like to go again for those wonderful experiences. BEST OF LUCK
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Tel :- 9811741000
MR Harsh Parihar ( Holiday Destination - Spain )
I visited your website today and I must confess that the newer version is simply fabulous. The new initiative "Unique Experiences" is definitely going to be a USP for your enterprise. Keep up the good work !!!!!
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MR Nasir Zaidi ( Holiday Destination - France / srilanka / etc )
First of all let me congratulate you for a wonderful website. It has class written all over it. The destinations are carefully selected and not one of them is less than exotic. The Unique Experiences page is how amazing the actual experience will be…… Italy in Ferrari, I am lost already! All the best to you! I am sure 2011 and the following years will make your business BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

2010 was the year when we were looking to go on a holiday without a travel planner, unusual it sounds, but that's what we had decided. Until, in my search for destinations and hotels, I came across the website of Lush Escapes…………………… The name sounded so poetic……lush escapes, like the sound of rain falling on the roof of your cottage as you sit sipping hot piping tea and eating kanda bhajias, with your spouse looking at you and wondering, 'ye mere husband ko kya ho gaya hai?' Or like the fragrance of a fresh budding flower, or the sound of a brook gurgling nearby…………lush escapes, the name floored me.I decided to try Lush Escapes for my holiday. I sent a mail which was promptly answered.

I sent another mail and again the same prompt response. I was not even their client but the response to my every mail was quick and to the point. First the name had caught my attention, then the response, and when I spoke to Abhishek Dadlani, the owner of the co, I knew that he belonged to a different breed of businessmen. Business for AD was client's pleasure. And I have experienced this every time that I have dealt with him. I hadn't even gone on a holiday yet but the experience of delight had already begun. I've been to 3 destinations through lushescapes, Switzerland, France and Sri Lanka and will be visiting the 4th one later this year to Seychelles. Everything is well thought of, minutely planned…this is not to say that lushescapes is perfect in all the sense. What is perfect about them is that they make the 'imperfections' encountered, if any, so perfect for you that you forget the minor blemishes and 'thank god' that you opted for lushescapes instead of anyone else!

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MR Vivek Vasudevan
Itinerary - Good. Auckland and Wellington are alright but nothing that one wouldnt mind missing. We felt South is infinitely more beautiful to visit and has a lot more to offer. So in retrospect, we could have skipped North Island fully except Rotorua though there would have been logistical issues.

That would allowed to keep the initerary for South Island more elaborate to include Otago Peninsula. Also, Christchurch should have been kept last if I were to fly out of it. Place of Stay: Fantastic. I think the choice of place to stay was well above par in most places. Blenheim, Queenstown, Fox Glacier town and Roturua were all great places to stay. Auckland & Kaikoora were very good. Christchurch and Wellington were bad hotels though they were centrally located. Peppertree in Blenhiem was just gorgeous. We loved it. One feedback is you should be able to provide a list of recommended acitivities in each location along with estimated costs. I am sure you can add value there.

As you know there are so many things to do in each place and each has a trade off associated. For instance, in the Fox glacier region, we did the mountain flight. There was an option to do daylong walk as well. Similarly in Queenstown, we did the Milford Sounds by bus but we could have done the same by flight as well. While Lonely planet is always there, you should provide your views and recommendations. Overall, it was a fantastic place to go and both Apu & I loved our honeymoon. The drives were lovely and the weather was near perfect. And it was a pleasure dealing with you & naturally NZ. I will definitely use you again and will heartily recommend you to others.

MR Shweta pathak
Greetings for the day! Bet you are doing excellent and has a bright future to go. As the concept say Lushescapes which bend towards a glamorous pictures of holiday, something exotic...a life time experience.

Lushescapes stood out quality that is visible from the content ,fonts ,place holders , every bit associated with it but I feel what is missing is a tint (Tadka) of glamour quotient , though it is a professional site but someone is looking out for an great holiday idea ...which should be in sync with the vivacious of the site

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