Private Island Rentals With Lushescapes - Your Own Piece Of Paradise!!
A bonfire crackles at the beach, its leaping flames radiating a warm glow into the night. As the stars form a huge ceiling above you, clear waters of the Bahamas crash noisily against the beach rocks a few feet away, their foamy froth still kissing your cheeks. You recline comfortably on the beach, satiated by a meal of Crawfish and land crabs. "Would you like some Guava Duff, Sir?", your personal steward asks as he clears the dishes. You nod approvingly, even as a pair of violinists regales you with their finery in music.

You recline some more, and look at the starry sky, glinting like a curtain of diamonds laid out above you. You had always wondered how it would be on an island, all alone. Rather, how would it to be on YOUR OWN ISLAND. No tourists, no rows of hotels, no hawkers selling their wares; just you on your own unspoiled island with its sparkling beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, a large luxury villa, and your own personal staff to take care of your wishes.

Till now, the last three days have been a dream. It feels magical. You have been living a grand life, on your very own island. A staff of more than thirty members, including master chefs, stewards, musicians and others, has been using their skills towards only one purpose – to please their master – You. Now that the night has grown cold, you signal for the violinists to retire for the day, and make your way to your villa while your staff readies your suite for your arrival.

After a refreshing night's sleep as the earliest rays filter through the silken curtains behind you at the break of dawn, you wake up. A few minutes later, you are aboard a luxury yacht in the ocean, your fishing line dangling excitedly in its waters. It's easier to catch fish in the morning, you have been told by the locals and you don't want to miss the opportunity. An expert crew steers the yacht, while a pair of chefs prepare a breakfast of Pea Soup and Johnny Cake in the yacht's well equipped kitchen. In the distance, you can still see your Island, looming proudly with its golden sands, lush tall trees, the regal villa and most of all – tranquillity indescribable. Your steward enquires if the breakfast should be served, and you signal him not to. You don't want to be interrupted lest you get a catch, while having your breakfast.

Meanwhile, your personal tour director has arranged for you another form of entertainment, more local than the violins that you enjoyed last night - a group of musicians from the Bahamas itself are onboard! They start playing Junkanoo, the most popular music form in the Bahamas, and a vital part of its heritage. The upbeat, almost funky sounds lift the ambience with an energy which seems to blend effortlessly with the serenity of the islands, rather than disrupt it.

Suddenly, your fishing line stretches itself into a taut. You jump to attention and pull it back, as the locals continue playing. And then, with the rhythm of Bahamas serving as a perfect background score, you pull out your catch – a sparkling green Dorado. The staff claps excitedly as you pull it up to the deck, its tail still flapping. You hold it up like a prized possession, and thank them for the appreciation, chuckling. And then, having fulfilled another little dream of yours, you signal the crew to steer the yacht back towards the island. Your island.

Yes, you have an island waiting just for you. Lushescapes offers you Private Island Rental services which let you have your own islands for stay and exploration. The beautiful ambiences of some of the exotic properties on earth blend with services which drip luxury. Some of them include personal staff, sprawling manors, villas or even cottages and world class amenities. And all this while a personal tour director ensures every wish of yours is taken care of seamlessly. So allow us to introduce you to a unique experience, waiting just for you.