Morocco – A Hidden Jewel
The black cobra sways stealthily, its beady eyes fixed on its master. You watch its shiny, slithering body with awe, as it is crowned by a hood both regal and menacing. Suddenly, the snake charmer lunges at the snake with lightening speed and grabs its neck, catching the reptile unawares.

With one hand grasping its neck, and the other clasping shut its mouth, he brings the snake close to you, closer than you have ever been to a cobra, and utters with a toothy smile "Welcome to Morocco!". And even though you have spent the last ten days travelling across its cities such as Marrakesh, Tangier, Asilah and Casablanca, that is the precise moment you feel like having arrived in the mystifying country of Morocco.

Now here in the central market of Casablanca, the largest city in the country, you stand surrounded by a colourful smattering of shops, hawkers and of course, the aforementioned snake charmer. Exotic items such as 'magical' carpets, brassware and pet snakes vie for your attention. The hullaballoo is interrupted by the voice of your personal tour guide. "Should we proceed for lunch, Sir?", he asks. Definitely hungry, you nod.

A few minutes later, your limo makes a stop outside your hotel, the Hyatt Regency, where a steaming lunch of couscos and pastila awaits you. As you round off the meal with a steaming bowl of harira, one of the many soups offered by the country's diverse cuisine, while your tour director apprises you of the plan to follow. You are slated to visit Hassan II mosque, the 200 m high structure being one of the largest mosques. Following this shall be a visit to the Maarif area of the city, dotted with luxury shops which have come up around the twin centre's twin towers. Also on the agenda shall be Boulevard Mohammed V, a unique establishment with a host of restaurants and shops under its arcades.

Listening to the description of these posh and up market areas, your mind wonders at the diversity of Morocco, as you contrast it with the exhilarating natural beauty of Ain-Diab coast you visited earlier today. Located close to the El Hank lighthouse and Sidi Bou mausoleum, the sea side resort had mesmerized you with its splendid display of the rising sun. And standing there today morning, looking at the rising sun turn from a hue of orange to a more bright yellow, you had hardly imagined a side of this country, which was as colourfully chaotic as the markets you saw later, or as mystifying as the English speaking snake charmer who regaled you, or as contemporary as the places you are to visit now. You wonder what other faces the magical country of Morocco may have to show you.

Smiling at your own inability to answer this question, you sit at the table when your tour director asks "So, I hope you are finding Morocco interesting, Sir?". You break into a wider smile and nod at him. With a country like this, how can the answer be anything else?

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