Island Hopping In French Polynesia
You had always heard about these supposedly breathtaking and exotic islands of French Polynesia, but you developed a real intrigue about them when one day on the internet, you read about how the famous Marlon Brando himself had fell for the place once.

While filming for the 'Mutiny on the Bounty', in 1960, Brando is said to have been spellbound with an instant love for the scatter of 118 glistening, idyllic islands. So much so, that the love affair has evolved into the celebrated actor launching his own 47 villa resort, 'The Brando' at the island of Tetiaroa in 2012.

That clinched it for you. You decided to visit French Polynesia, arguably the planet's most scenic wonder, a land of beaches, lagoons and peaks. And now, eleven days later, your plane is about to land at the Motu Mute airport in the Island of Bora Bora, your first stop in French Polynesia.

You look out of the window, your heart brimming with the question if the place is as beautiful as it is said to be, and you come across a sight which answers the question, with an emphatic yes. Down below, stares at you a sight which is pristinely unspoiled. Turquoise waters so clear, almost the sea floor can be seen. Golden sands, forming a shimmering outline of the island, which seems like a canvas of blue and green, covered mystifyingly by white clouds. Your personal tour director receives you at the airport, with a smile that symbolizes the warmth and optimism inherent in the people of these islands. He escorts you to a waiting Limo, which is soon at the gates of your hotel – the epitome of luxury and beauty holding hands with each other, the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. As you are shown around the hotel located on a coral island, you marvel at the facilities, which include a Deep Ocean Spa, canoeing facilities and snorkelling arrangements amongst others. Modernism nestled in the heart of an island so beautifully natural and unspoiled. After a rejuvenating sauna bath comes your first taste of the exoticness of these islands – the cuisine of French Polynesia. Your lunch includes Chevreffes, which are freshwater shrimps, the Poisson Cru, consisting of raw fish marinated with lime juice and soaked in coconut milk. You round it off gracefully with a serving of Hinano, a local, refreshing beer.

The next day, you bask in the lap of mother nature like never before. You enjoy a canoe excursion, feed coconut crabs, see the largest land living arthropods in the world and even visit the hutments of the warm, friendly people.

Your next stop takes you to the lovely island of Huahine. As a completely unique fact, the island is just a ten minute flight from Bora Bora. Both delighted and surprised after the very short flight, you are joined by your personal tour director who escorts you to the campsite for Vaihonu Ocean Camping, located right on the edge of a shallow, rocky lagoon. The incredible camp leads you to a different world as you are checked into a beach hut! Yes, it's actually a hut. With its thatched roof, cutely placed windows, and a location right at the edge of the surf, you feel like the goddess of beauty herself has nestled you in her arms. You walk out of the door and to the beach, and stand there, facing the ocean as wave after wave crashes gracefully onto the rocks on the beach. Silently, you stand there, and imagine the scenic enchantment you are about to undergo over the next few days as you travel across more than seven islands, each exotic in its uniquely magical way. You sigh happily at the thought, feeling the cool tropical wind brushing past your hair and the fingers of your toes still holding golden hued sands between them.

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