Luxury Honeymoon Packages to French Polynesia
French Polynesia Honeymoon Packages

French Polynesia HoneymoonHead to French Polynesia for a sublime romantic honeymoon

Turquoise exotic lagoons and emerald mountains of these reef-fringed islands make French Polynesia a favourite honeymoon destination among newlyweds. Famous by the name of Tahiti, its main island, French Polynesia is an enthralling destination that is modish and seductive. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, this place is known for its priceless Black pearls and other diverse assortment of pearls.

French Polynesia is a place where you can come and realize your honeymoon fantasies. The purest form of nature and aqua lagoons paints a landscape of sheer romanticism and serenity - an ideal setting to let your love blossom.

A) Must visit places in French Polynesia -

I. Tahiti -
Undoubtedly a paradise on earth, Tahiti is widely known for its captivating tropical islands and diverse Polynesian culture. The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is the best place where you can enjoy everything or just relax and do nothing. The island presents an exotic panorama of dramatic waterfalls, deep lush valleys, rainforests, beautiful flowers and nature marvels. Don't forget to buy your partner brightly collared sarongs when in Tahiti.

II. Bora Bora -
A picture perfect place for an exotic honeymoon, Bora Bora is an island that embodies South Pacific paradise. From the magnificent white beaches circling the lagoons to the aqua-centric luxurious resorts, Bora Bora islands are a treat to your visual, mental and physical senses. While in Bora Bora, do not miss the chance to indulge in water adventure sports, such as Jet Ski, scuba diving, swimming etc.

III. Moorea -
A popular honeymoon destination, Moorea's stunning scenery attracts several visitors to its shores. Unique shaped island resembling a heart, Moorea provides you an ultimate setting to celebrate your love in the backdrop of white sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons encircled by rough mountains. If you are an adventure loving couple, enjoy snorkelling or kayaking among other water sports activities. This island will also render you a chance to enjoy the rural lifestyle and experience life in traditional villages.

B) Must do activities in French Polynesia -

     i) Experience the thrill of scuba diving in azure waters of Moorea
    ii) Take a top view of this beautiful island, fly from Tahiti to Moorea.
   iii) Go for Tahiti Safari Expeditions
   iv) Explore the island on a bike ride for a thrilling experience
    v) Enjoy the traditional Polynesian dance

C) Must know things about French Polynesia -

     i) Major airport: Faa'a International Airport
    ii) Capital city: Papeete
   iii) Climate: Tropical, but moderate
   iv) Languages: French, Tahitian, and English
    v) Currency: CFP franc

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