Antarctica Expedition Like Never Before – Antarctica XXI
A thirty meter high chunk of ice stands before you like a giant wall. You can feel the chilly winds against the skin of your face as you stand on the top deck of the Ocean Nova, a vessel equipped to traverse the waters of Antarctica. You look at the huge iceberg, floating stealthily against a backdrop of white powdery snow for as far as you can see at the Admiralty Bay. Though deemed to be one of the most remote, cold and windiest continents on earth – you feel strangely happy and safe in Antarctica.

You can see a family of leopard seals at the far shore, the cubs prancing playfully while the adults look at the modern and advanced vessel with curious eyes.

You find it hard to believe that just three days earlier, you had left behind a world of noise, concrete and chaos to board a BAe 146 aircraft from Punta Arenas, Chile. You remember feeling awed as the high winged aircraft flew into the skies above Antarctica. You remember the endless snow you could see down there, almost seeming like huge white blankets spread across the ocean. Striking you as cold and lifeless, it made you wonder if you were going to be comfortable but now, standing mesmerized here on a luxury cruise liner, you know you are experiencing something very special as albatrosses fly above and in the distance hordes of Gentoo Penguins walk with their funnily uncertain steps.

You wonder at the ease with which a variety of wildlife has found home in Antarctica. Over your last three days here, you have encountered elephant seals, weddel seals, chinstrap and gentoo penguins, petrels and snowy sheathbills. It delighted you to find life in a place which had been construed as hostile by the more inhabited world.

After taking in the sights, you step back into the spacious dining room situated on the Ocean Nova, where you are joined by your personal tour guide. As you dig into a sumptuous meal, he regales you with stories of the explorations the mystifying continent has inspired. Towards the end, he moves onto to discussing the plans for your departure back from Antarctica, slated for the next morning.

As he tells you about the details, you can't help but wonder about the time you have had in this amazing continent. You have seen blankets of snow spreading across vistas, you have seen life thriving in the midst of extreme conditions, and you have felt humbled at the majestic sights only mother nature can give rise to. You nod politely at your personal tour guide, and silently, promise yourself that one day, you shall come back to revisit this enchanting continent.

Above is just the tip of the iceberg, proverbially speaking. In an exclusive arrangement, Lushescapes brings you the Antarctica XXI package, the world's first air cruise to the continent.

You are flown in a specially equipped BAe 146 aircraft, while the Ocean Nova serves as your vessel within Antarctica. Certified guides keep you completely safe during the trip, ensuring that you get as close as possible to nature without being in any danger. The six day, five night trip entails a journey starting at Punta Arenas, Chile and ending at the same location, while traversing exotic places such as South Shetland Islands, Fildes Bay, Cuverville and Deception Islands. So reach us, and we shall help you immerse in the unique experience of Antarctica.